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We believe in your innate ability to resolve personal distress, challenges and suffering. We help you discover it!

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“Rani did not only help me find meaning in life but also pointed me back to home where my happiness and contentment lies…”


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Our promise – you do not have to let go of unhelpful strategies, mindsets and attitudes. These will simply let go of you!

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Mental Health consulting, Emotional Resilience coaching

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Executive and Group Emotional Resilience and Stress Management coaching


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What Professionals Have Said


“I have had the great privilege of knowing Dr Rani for 8 years and I can honestly say she is one of the most grounded, accomplished and warm professionals I know. ”

Grace Chatting

Grace Chatting

Personal & Relationship Coach

“Rani has the most extraordinary and effective blend of conventional psychiatric experience with alternative and empowering approaches to well-being and life coaching of anyone I know!”

Graham Wason

Graham Wason

Former Deloitte Consulting Partner

“Rani is a truly exceptional person, and a superb practitioner, whose dedication to her comprehensive range of endeavours is both remarkable and commendable…”

Gerry O’Hara

Senior Mental Health Practitioner

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