How to Turn Stress on Its Head

The simple truth that can change your relationship with work
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Stress at work has become so commonplace that we literally take it for granted. This is despite the massive cost in terms of individual suffering, mental health problems, reduced team performance and lost productivity.

Traditional solutions have provided better coping strategies and stress-management techniques. However, they have failed to tackle the problem at its souce.

  • Where do stressful feelings really come from?
  • How can we remain resilient in the face of challenging circumstances?
  • Is it possible to be less bothered by the difficult people around us?

These are some of the questions this book addresses, and the answers may well surprise you. More importantly, they will reveal to you a simple yet powerful way of understanding how the mind works. This understanding can’t be applied to manage stress better. But once understood, work and our relationship with work can change, effortlessly.

The book narrates first-hand accounts of individuals who overcame stress, anxiety and mental distress at work after understanding the true nature of their life experiences.

About The Author

the author

Dr Rani Bora

Rani is a holistic psychiatrist, mental health coach, and international speaker. How to Turn Stress on Its Head is her first published book.

Rani has been a medical doctor for the past twenty years and had worked as a consultant psychiatrist in England, UK – engaged in the recovery of younger adults with significant mental health issues.

She is now an independent practitioner sharing the principles of innate health and well-being.


What professionals have said about the book

A fascinating, eminently practical book that pulls back the curtains on how the human mind really works


Dr Ian M Crooks, MD

Psychiatrist and presenter of The Doctor Is Within: Health, Happiness and Wellbeing

This little book will help you learn more about yourself, about what makes you tick and how to tick better


Dr Andrew Tresidder

If you, a friend or a colleague is experiencing work related stress then buy them this book


Liz Scott

Wellbeing and Leadership Coach

I honestly don’t know anyone who wouldn’t get value from finding a quiet space to really digest the message of this book and then dip back into it from time to time


Andy Smith

Transformative Coach and Trainer

A thought provoking and refreshing approach to thinking about dealing with stress in the workplace

John Woolner

UKCP Couple and Family Systemic Psychotherapist/Trainer

What you’ll learn in this book is unlike anything else out there...

Karen Miller Williams

Three Principles Nurse, Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker

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