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Face-to-face coaching consultations are only available in Exeter (south-west England) at present. Our consultations are held in safe and well-equipped offices.


Phone coaching consultations – mobile and landline – are available. We call you so that you don’t have to.

Skype/ Secure Video Consultation

A popular consultation method via Skype, Zoom or secure online video*, all from the comfort of your own home.

We have expertise in…

  • Anxiety management
  • Stress management (personal, work-related)
  • Improving low self-esteem
  • Improving low self-confidence
  • Helping release emotional trauma
  • Recovery from addictions
  • Recovery from low mood, depression, loss, and bereavement
  • Helping understand dynamics within family
  • Helping nurture relationships
  • Educating the nature of psychological health
  • Educating the understanding of innate health and resilience

Our coaching consultations are always customised to the unique needs of the individual. 

To find out if we can be of help, contact us today with your enquiry below…

“Rani did not only help me find meaning in life but also pointed me back to home where my happiness and contentment lies. With her love and caring she made it easier for me to realise that which I seek is already within me. She reminded me that I only have to ‘see’ who I am on the inside to make my journey in life more gentle and with her support I had the courage to do that. She is a very caring and loving person and I highly recommend Rani for everyone that wants a happier and more peaceful life.”

“The sessions I had were some of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had!”

“Rani is truly amazing and a superb practitioner who has a natural warm and lighthearted nature, expert knowledge and a powerful technique. She is able to focus right in on the necessary approach to each situation, giving a treatment which is astonishingly effective…I have been set free from years of buried pain, sadness, loss, anger and self-loathing. I am now free to follow my life purpose with clarity and vision. Sometimes doing this kind of work can be scary but if you put your trust and faith in Rani you will instantly feel at ease, safe and cared for. I did, and it’s an experience I will never regret.”

“Rani is a very special person with natural abilities and an awareness that one encounters only a handful of times during a lifetime and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all that she has done for me.”

“I attended three sessions with Rani – one of my more productive acts. Immense healing and release of pain/ negativity occurred after the very first visit. Rani’s warmth, compassion, understanding, and intuition facilitated this significant journey of healing. Words cannot truly express the serenity, humility, kindness and much more that personified Rani’s character and relationship with me, a transient client.”

“It is difficult to put Rani’s gift into words! Her serene poise, empathetic understanding and gentle guidance enabled me to dissipate turmoil and have courage to explore life in a new way. I feel grateful, indeed, to have met her.”

“I believed that Rani would be able to help me with my fears. I felt safe working with her and confident that she would find a way ‘to point me to what I needed to see for myself’. I now know that I have the ‘free will’ to use whichever thought I choose. It feels like I was given a second chance. It is now up to me to start living in the present. Thank you Rani, I am grateful to you.”

“Passionate and clear in her intention to help people in the best possible way!”

“I had been going through a tough time personally, and decided to contact Rani. I found Rani to be a wonderful listener, knowledgeable, calm and understanding. But, what is special about Rani is that she not only brings her wealth of experience as a clinical psychiatrist, but her ability to share the 3Ps understanding in a way that helps one tap into their own inner wisdom. I’m grateful to Rani for the insights she shared during our sessions, which really helped me along my journey and touch a place of wisdom that I continue to become familiar with, and over time become more confident in. Thank you Rani.”

For psychiatry consultation appointments with Rani, please contact…

Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital, Wonford Road, Exeter EX2 4UG.

Phone: 01392 276591.

Please note: We do not offer any inpatient psychiatric healthcare nor prescribe any medication. For such requirements, you’re advised to contact your own GP or Family physician.

What is your enquiry about?

We take customer confidentiality seriously. We use secure email for confidential information and use HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, United States) compliant digital technology for video consultations.

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