Upcoming UK live event (3-4 March) - "Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart" by Dr Rani Bora & Jonathan Shaddock

Corporate, Group Resilience Training

Our Corporate Training Day is a fun and powerful way to resolve different issues that can affect teams. This special day will allow your team to get together, review what they do and begin to connect at a deeper level. Together they get to reflect on their practice, strengths, challenges and develop strategies that align with their vision and purpose. 

Dr Rani is a skilled corporate resilience and stress management trainer. She will research and discuss your team’s needs well in advance. With her expertise, Rani will create a light-hearted environment which will foster listening, learning and sharing. She will guide your team to get in touch with their inner creative side. She will inspire discussions around how each team member can function at their best and work together to achieve desired outcomes. Your team will come to a fresh understanding of the power of thought and emotions and discover their innate creative potential to innovate and problem solve. 

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