Healthy Mind Healthy Heart

Innate Health weekend workshop
June 9-10, 2018 (Sat, Sun) | Exeter, United Kingdom

Conference Venue

Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre, West Grange, Clyst Heath, Exeter, Devon, EX2 7EY.

Individual Entry: £195 only!

Special BONUS: Complimentary 75-minutes follow-up group coaching with Jonathan & Rani (by video conference).

What you’ll learn

A healthy mind and heart is a natural aspiration of all human beings.

In a world where stress is a topic of much debate, there is plenty of advice pointing us to actions we need to take. This can range from eating a healthy diet and regular exercise for our heart health to mentors, gurus, meditative techniques and therapies to harmonise a healthy mind. The hope is that with focus on a healthy mind and heart, one will be able to combat the onslaught of stressful situations both at home and in the workplace.

While indeed exercise can help towards keeping our physical heart healthy and psychological tips seem to ward off stressful thoughts and keep us relatively calm for a while, there seems to be something missing. We can be left wanting and sense very profoundly that there remains an underlying unrest and that our emotional heart is still bruised so to speak.

We yearn for something that would help us to be more resilient against stress. We long to feel happy and fulfilled even when we aren’t at the gym or battling with a practice which had let us down when we needed it.

Mental wellbeing and resilience are in fact our natural state.

We are fundamentally well and happy at all times deep in our minds and heart, all but for the stressful thoughts that might have become our lifetime habit. Most of us have been struggling all our lives to find something which already lies deep within us, merely covered over by layers of ideas and concepts that have been shaped into what we all call me.

You are about to rediscover the essential YOU which is both happy and spiritual by nature.

You will realise that you can enjoy your keep fit practices and favourite diets and still be at peace even when you are not at the gym of mind or body.

The foundations of real inner peace and resilience are to be found in the understanding of the principles of innate health and resilience which govern our lives. The Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart workshop will point you in the direction of your perfect health and enable you to be resilient even in the midst of the most stressful situations.

Join Jonathan and Rani

in a deep exploration of the realms of the mind and heart…

Jonathan Shaddock first came across Divine Mind when he was 11 years of age when he experienced a life-changing meditative state, having visited a church in the quiet of the evening.

Since then, he has felt called to share this experience with others for healing and a happier way of living in the world.

He worked as a pastor in ministry for 25 years, helping people to discover who they really are, on a soul level, beyond their sufferings and anxious thinking. During this time, Jonathan qualified as a counsellor/ psychotherapist and worked with individuals and groups living with depression, anxiety and spiritual crisis, as well as other psychological, relational and emotional struggles.

Whilst this work was profoundly satisfying, Jonathan was left with an intuitive sense that both the rituals of worship and the techniques of therapy left many people wanting more and was conscious of this in his own life too.

A number of unfolding synchronistic events five years ago led Jonathan to the discovery of the  Principles. Since training both in formal and informal settings, as well as reading, attending conferences, webinars and most of all the discovery of a quiet mind, Jonathan has used the Principles as the foundation of all his work with others.

Jonathan continues his work as a counsellor and coach and also works as a holistic therapist, offering mind and body treatments for wellbeing. Beyond anything external, Jonathan is noticing more and more that when he stays in touch with his inner, self beyond and before any therapies, his clients and patients discover their true nature and the gift of a quiet mind with life-changing consequences. He witnesses much healing on a daily level, often subtle but at times profound.

If you would like to contact Jonathan you can email

Rani Bora is a holistic psychiatrist, wellness coach, author, and speaker. She has worked as a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS engaged in the rehabilitation of younger adults with significant mental health problems.

Rani first got interested in the realm of self-help and personal development way back in 2001. She always had the urge to work on her well-being in order to be a better version of herself.

Unhappy and feeling discontent with the limitations of traditional psychiatry, Rani started looking for approaches and understanding outside of psychiatry to complement her expertise as a trained doctor and mental health professional. The quest led her to explore a number of well-known coaching modalities including life coaching, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Narrative Coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Five years ago, her search finally ended (quite unexpectedly!) when she came across the principles of innate health and resilience – she had a profound insight. It challenged her previous belief that people with emotional health problems were broken and somehow needed fixing!

She was relieved when she finally understood and saw that every human being, irrespective of their roles, their mental or physical health, or their life circumstance had access to innate health and resilience. That marked the culmination of a long journey and the beginning of a new exciting chapter in her life – the search was finally over!

Rani presently works as an independent holistic psychiatrist and resilience coach. She shares her understanding of innate health and resilience regularly in her consultation work, training, and speaking assignments.

Price Includes >> 2-days Event Admission + Complimentary 75-minutes group coaching with Jonathan & Rani.

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