Upcoming UK live event (3-4 March) - "Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart" by Dr Rani Bora & Jonathan Shaddock


Mental Health A Hopeful Future

A conversation with Liz Scott, coach and trainer, co-founder of Coaching Connect

Innate Health and Resilience: How It Differs to Mainstream Psychiatric Treatment

A conversation with James Moore, who hosts the first Mad in America podcast

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety at work? Get a copy of my book on Amazon...

How to Turn Stress on Its Head:a simple truth that can change your relationship with work. Book authored by Dr Rani Bora.


"Have faith in yourself and know that somewhere deep inside, Beyond your ego, Beyond your personal self, lies a beautiful flower waiting to unfold. And it is the light of true knowledge that will make it blossom."

– Sydney Banks

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