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The Wellbeing Podcast

Join Liz and Rani for weekly fresh conversations on mental health, resilience, and well-being.

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Mental Health A Hopeful Future

A conversation with Liz Scott and Dr Lee Adair-Stantiall

What happens if you are a clinical psychologist and you come across an understanding of the mind that transforms your personal life but also fundamentally challenges what you thought you knew.

Dr Lee Adair-Stantiall is fascinated by the Inside-Out understanding but has many questions.

In this episode, she meets up with Dr Rani Bora who is a psychiatrist who is already underpinning her practice with the principles behind innate health – hosted by Liz Scott, Coaching Connect.

Innate Health and Resilience: How It Differs to Mainstream Psychiatric Treatment

A conversation with James Moore, who hosts the first Mad in America podcast

Mental Health A Hopeful Future

A conversation with Liz Scott, coach and trainer, co-founder of Coaching Connect

Jenny Anderson and I spoke at VIVA 2017, Spain

Mental Health based on The Three Principles understanding (Innate Health and Resilience)

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